“Bloom Discusses Hope+Access Launch at Lindsay Street Baptist,” CBS 46

In a story that aired on November 12, 2017, on CBS 46, Bloom Sugarman founder and partner Simon Bloom discusses the launch of the new nonprofit group Hope+Access at Lindsay Street Baptist Church. Hope+Access’s mission is to serve underprivileged youth in Atlanta to seek a greater education and opportunities to which they would not normally have access. Bloom is one of the founders of the organization and says it will connect those in need with available resources. At its inception, Hope+Access will serve two of the city’s historic African-American churches, Lindsay Street Baptist and Beulah Baptist. “It’s a youth-oriented focus on improving the lives and outcomes of children in the toughest zip codes in Atlanta,” Bloom said. The interview took place on Sunday, November 12, the same day as Kathryn Johnston Day at Lindsay Street Baptist. Johnston was an avid member of the congregation who was shot and killed by Atlanta police during a botched drug raid. To view the full video, you may click here.