Our attorneys understand the impact that zoning decisions have on your business. We work to get your projects back on track quickly, secure permits and minimize exposure going forward.

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Zoning and Land Use

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Zoning challenges are often unexpected and always unwelcome. Reams of bureaucratic red tape accompany zoning, planning and land use issues in municipal and county governments throughout Georgia, Florida and the southeast. Dealing with the complex and highly variable requirements takes deep commitment and thorough knowledge – especially when you consider that this web of regulations varies even between neighborhoods in the same city.

Hear Simon Bloom discuss how to navigate Zoning and Land Use Issues.


Bloom Parham understands that these issues often require creative solutions and will work with the local government and neighbors to reach solutions. We have relationships with Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) across Metro Atlanta to help facilitate a positive outcome for our clients. Sometimes, however, that process does not produce the desired result. The disputes that follow may pit you against the local government, a neighboring property owner or a competing business. Faced with such obstacles, our experienced legal team will aggressively seek court review and approval where our efforts to obtain approval from the local governing authority fail.

Our attorneys grasp the impact these decisions have on our clients’ business and work to get projects back on track, secure permits and minimize exposure going forward. Clients include residential, commercial and industrial developers, property owners, nonprofit and quasi-public entities that need help navigating all levels of the governmental review process for zoning, planning and land use matters:

  • Applications for permitting
  • Re-zonings
  • Variances
  • Special use permits
  • Building permits
  • Subdivision and plat approvals
  • Other land use issues

We also represent clients with disputes over development permits such as:

  • Land disturbance permits
  • Building permits
  • Subdivision approvals
  • Other environmental permit

The firm has successfully litigated many cases involving subdivisions, apartments, condos, mixed use, and industrial developments. We have challenged denials of rezoning, permits, and variance applications. We have also successfully represented some of the area’s largest builders and developers when confronted with stop work orders, citations, and notices of violation.

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