Georgia’s statute of fraud requires that all contracts for the sale of real property be in writing. As a result, buyers and sellers alike benefit from a well-drafted purchase and sale agreement. Bloom Parham’s extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, combined with years of experience in navigating complicated contractual disputes, make it uniquely situated to protect your interests.

Before you take your seat at the closing table, Bloom Parham’s attorneys can assist in the review of your real estate contract, avoiding common issues that make litigation more likely. Your contract should be definite, unambiguous, and free from irrelevant, “form” terms that complicate a smooth transaction.  In addition, the contract should contemplate the parties’ rights and obligations in the event of a default, and address the issues most likely to arise.  Bloom Parham can help you ensure that your contract says what you mean, and means what you say.

Of course, disputes often arise despite your best efforts, and when that happens, Bloom Parham is prepared to negotiate on your behalf, focusing first on obtaining the best result for you.  And if those negotiations prove unsuccessful, no firm is better equipped than Bloom Parham to litigate aggressively and effectively toward an efficient resolution.

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