We assist both buyers and sellers at all stages of contract disputes.

Real Estate Litigation


Purchase and Sale Contract Disputes

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Buyers remorse. You’re familiar with the concept, but do you know how costly it can be from a business perspective? Serious disputes often arise from sales contracts in both the commercial and residential contexts, and in today’s real estate market, that means large sums of money are at stake.

Countless real estate transactions end up in litigation when the seller delivers something slightly (or substantially) different from what the buyer expected or claims to have expected. Bloom Parham has extraordinary knowledge of the real estate industry and its laws to help clients protect their interests in real estate purchases and sales.

The firm assists both buyers and sellers at all stages of these contract disputes. When one party hints at backing out before closing or when deals blow up at the closing table, we help our clients salvage the deal on amicable terms to prevent litigation. When negotiation is unsuccessful, we aggressively litigate our client’s rights to secure equitable relief and money damages. We also help resolve conflicts involving earnest money recovery. Protect yourself with the firm known nation-wide for serving clients with real estate-related legal needs.

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