Too often, property owners are unaware of their true property boundaries, and visual boundaries may not conform to legal deed descriptions. Sometimes there is confusion based on unclear title. When disputes arise in situations like this, the stakes – both emotional and financial – can be significant.

It’s important to assert your rights and protect your property with skillfully applied knowledge of the law and the appropriate procedures. That can mean working with appraisers and property surveyors, negotiating with a neighboring property owner, or appearing before a zoning board or committee. In other cases, litigation may be required to resolve issues such as quiet title actions, encroachment, trespass, property line conflicts, and easement interference cases.

Bloom Parham has tremendous experience litigating all manner of issues that arise over boundaries and the maintenance of easement or common areas. The firm serves private owners as well as home owner associations (HOAs), working with residential and commercial property owners, investors and landlords.

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