“Bloom Discusses Lawsuit Alleging Violation of Club’s Fourth Amendment Rights,” CBS46

In a story aired on April 11, 2018, on CBS46, attorney Simon Bloom of Bloom Parham provided insight into a lawsuit filed by Follies, an adult entertainment club, against the City of Chamblee for violating its constitutional rights, specifically the Fourth Amendment.  Bloom explains Chamblee’s desire to close clubs like Follies, “One of the first things they promised their residents was to shut down the strip clubs.”  He says that the police came to Follies and entered with masks and weapons, shut down the facility and blocked the traffic, which the club contended was excessive.  “When these raids happen, one of the things they’re looking for are drugs, prostitution and, if you let everyone leave, it’s violating the law,” Bloom said.  To watch the full segment, you may click here.