“Mary Hall Freedom House Sues Sandy Springs for Discrimination,” Northside Neighbor

In an article published on Dec. 13, 2018 in the Northside Neighbor, Bloom Parham partner and founder Simon Bloom discussed a lawsuit in which his client, Mary Hall Freedom House, is suing the city of Sandy Springs for discrimination. Mary Hall Freedom House is a nonprofit with the goal of empowering women suffering from addiction, poverty and homelessness. In the last year, the organization has been cited three times for violating city zoning laws. “It’s the third set of citations. One set would be an honest mistake. The second set would be more suspicions. The second set being dismissed shows how frivolous and specious the citations are. Then they issue 34 new citations for the same exact stuff. It would convince any reasonable reader that the city has a deliberate, intentional campaign to rid itself of these women and this organization,” said Bloom. You may access the full article here