“Landlord Forced to Give Office Back to Evicted After-School Program,” CBS 46

In a clip aired on April 17, 2018, on CBS 46, Simon Bloom, the founder of Bloom Parham, was mentioned for the firm’s pro bono work on behalf of The Jabez Project, a nonprofit group in Southwest Atlanta that provides after-school care for children.  The firm filed an emergency injunction that forced Oxford Village apartments to allow the program back into the space from which the organization was previously evicted and, as a result, the program is back up and running and the group has had its computers returned. “They’re entitled to 60 days’ notice,” Bloom said. “They cannot have the locks changed on them. They cannot have their property converted.”  For now, the rest of the lawsuit is pending and the group is still seeking damages and penalties against the property’s leadership.  To read the full story, you may click here.