Lawsuit claims Fulton County doesn’t have the right permits to build APD training facility

ATLANTA — Homeowners say they want to take legal action against the Atlanta Police Foundation Inc. in an attempt to stop the clearing of land at the site for the Atlanta Public Safety Training Facility.  The more than 80-acre site is the future home for a multi-million dollar public safety training facility.

Attorney Jon Schwartz filed a lawsuit on behalf of homeowner Amy Taylor, the South River Watershed Alliance, and DeKalb County Commissioner Ted Terry. They’re asking for a Fulton County judge to halt the clearing of land. Schwartz says while permits to clear land are currently under appeal in DeKalb County, he says the continuing clearing of land is in violation of state law.

“The filing of the appeal suspends the authorization, they don’t have a permit to do this and all we’re asking you to do, is to enforce that step,” said Schwartz.

The Atlanta Police Foundation’s attorney, Simon Bloom, disagreed.

During the hearing, Bloom cited state law exempts government entities from zoning codes. Therefore, it’s not illegal to clear this land during the appeals process.

“This is simply an effort to block this project all other efforts have failed this is the latest chapter more lawsuits will come there’s no question,” Bloom said.

The judge did not make a ruling during Thursday’s hearing.

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