In a news broadcast airing January 8, Bloom Parham partner and founder Simon Bloom provided insight into a Texas family’s lawsuit against the Atlanta Boy Scouts after their son died at a camp in Newton county. “It’s a complaint that will stick,” said Bloom, adding that failing to follow policy will be a major component in this case.

The 14-year-old honor roll student was killed when a tree fell on his tent during a severe thunderstorm. “They knew that bad weather was coming. They knew that people were exposed to the bad weather. They had rules that said when bad weather coms you do X,Y and Z. And, they didn’t do X, Y and Z, at least for this young boy. And, as a result bad things happened,” said Bloom.

“This is not a case where you want to put 12 Cobb county residents into a jury box and ask them to make a decision,” says Bloom, adding that he believes the case will end with a settlement.

You may view the full clip here.


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