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Defeated a commercial real estate broker’s attempts to secure summary judgment from the DeKalb County Superior Court for the alleged breach of a commission agreement. The judge also ruled that because the broker had no right to commissions, the client’s counterclaim for slander of title survived and could proceed towards judgment.

Successfully represented an agent before an arbitration panel that found BSE’s client, who performed all the work to locate a property only to have the buyer strike a deal with a new agent and cut the client out of the commission, was the procuring cause of the sale and awarded the full commission to him.

Defended a buyer’s broker against an action brought by the original listing agent and demonstrated to the judge that the original selling agent’s contractual rights had expired and that the agent’s actions did not rise to the level of a procuring cause. As a result, BSE’s client retained the full commission.

Successfully represented the tenant when a real estate broker claimed entitlement to the commission for the tenant’s leased space. The decision was affirmed by the Court of Appeals, making the case the seminal authority on the procuring clause doctrine in Georgia.