Through extensive negotiations and litigation, Bloom Parham has saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Workout and Lender Liability Litigation

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Nearly every real estate transaction requires a relationship between borrowers and lenders. When developments stall or projects don’t sell, the relationship becomes strained for all parties. When these difficulties and other debt service breakdowns occur, both borrower and creditor are at risk of negative outcomes as collateral rapidly depreciates. The solution is finding a workable common ground and reaching a mutually acceptable compromise as quickly as possible.

Having steadily built a solid reputation across the nation with their defense strategies, extensive market relationships and innovative workout solutions, the attorneys of Bloom Parham have for years been the first choice for borrowers in Georgia, Florida and the entire Southeast. Known for our tenacity, we have helped clients navigate through the major challenges that can occur with lenders and creditors, with the goal to preserve collateral and return the parties as close to whole as possible.

When it comes to defeating confirmation actions, Bloom Parham is well versed in the rights and defenses afforded to clients. After a lender conducts a non-foreclosure foreclosure sale, the lender must confirm the sale before the court prior to seeking a deficiency action. We are extremely knowledgeable in appraisal methodology and ensures that creditors meet their heavy legal burdens through the foreclosure process.

Bloom Parham’s strong relationships with workout specialists, appraisers, special asset departments and related professionals at lenders across the country help clients enter productive negotiations. Over the years, we have saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Listen to the firm’s experience in Workout and Lender Liability.

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