When there are product liability issues, the reputation of your company is on the line. Bloom Parham works to minimize issues and help you reach a resolution.

Complex Litigation


Product Liability and Toxic Tort

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Product liability and toxic tort lawsuits pose an immense financial threat to manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and designers. Defending yourself against these kinds of charges can be stressful and complicated.

Our attorneys are experienced in defending a variety of products throughout the Southeast and California including lighting and electrical wiring, building materials, elevators/escalators, automobiles and pharmaceuticals. For the manufacturer of a commercial lighting fixture that fell and allegedly injured an individual working in the office where that fixture had been installed, we obtained summary judgment in San Francisco County, California, an extremely plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction. This significant victory avoided a trial where the plaintiff, a former Wall Street investment banker, planned to claim multiple millions of dollars in damages.

Determining the appropriate response and providing a strong, cost-effective defense to allegations like these requires an insider’s working knowledge of your product, as well as your business processes and protocol. Bloom Parham understands the impact this sort of dispute can have on your reputation as well as your bottom line, and we’ll help you stand up to the threat to your company in the best way for your specific situation.

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