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Defended a consortium of banks against a patent assertion entity alleging infringement of its patents related to ATM technology.

Obtained summary judgment for an electronic medical record software provider against claims of patent infringement asserted by a well-known patent assertion entity.

Assisted a power generation company in protecting against the misappropriation of its trade secrets related to the design of a steam-power generation plant.

Prosecuted false advertising claims relating to medical devices on behalf of a consumer products company against a competitor.

Enforced a textile company’s patent rights by obtaining a favorable claim construction of the asserted patent terms and later a ruling that the patent was enforceable, valid, and infringed.

Obtained reversal of finding of fraud on the patent office for holder of food technology patent.

Enforced the trademark rights of a major financial services company by obtaining a preliminary injunction prohibiting the use of an infringing mark, and then obtained summary judgment of infringement, which was affirmed on appeal.

Defended manufacturer of high vacuum metallizers against claims of patent infringement.

Defended multiple clients against allegations of copyright infringement made by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and the Business Software Alliance (BSA).

Defended a manufacturer of ice vending machines against allegations of patent infringement.