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Represented metro-Atlanta municipality in a suit by a former employee alleging violations of federal law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act, in her termination.  Bloom Sugarman moved for summary judgment on all counts, arguing the motion before a magistrate judge in the Northern District of Atlanta.  After argument,  the magistrate judge recommended granting our motion on all counts.  The District judge adopted the recommendation in full, agreeing that the defendant had not violated any laws in the termination and taxing costs to the plaintiff.

In an article published on September 5, 2017, on the website of the Daily Report, Bloom Sugarman partner Simon Bloom provides insight into the firm’s victory in an arbitration case for client CentraArchy Restaurant Management, the parent company of the restaurant company California Dreaming. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, two waitresses had filed a putative class action to stop management from making them share tips with drink preparers, or service bartenders, whom the waitresses said do not interact with customers. Bloom Sugarman attorneys demonstrated during a hearing in June that the Department of Labor’s field handbook lists service bartender as a tipped role. Bloom Sugarman’s arguments helped to reverse earlier decisions that had given the matter provisional approval to proceed as a class action. The article says, “‘We knew from the start that this was largely a lawyer-manufactured lawsuit,’ said Bloom, who defended the case with Bloom Sugarman colleagues Frederick “Skip” Sugarman, Shannan Oliver and Adam Nugent. ‘There was no real injury being suffered by anyone,’ Bloom said. ‘Everybody was already making more than minimum wage, the servers appreciate having a service bartender because it improves their service. Everybody won.’” For the full article, subscribers to the Daily Report may click here.


Successfully defended a corporate relocation and storage company from claims of discrimination and in individual and collective claims alleging unpaid overtime.

Helped shareholders of a medical software company prevent other shareholders from misusing the company’s intellectual property for their own benefit, with a permanent injunction against the other party and $1.2M in legal fees awarded to BSE’s clients. The case was fiercely litigated in multiple venues over two and a half years.

Successfully defended our client against a Motion brought by two former employees that the restrictive covenants the employees entered into with the company were unenforceable as a matter of law. The Court agreed with Bloom Sugarman holding the covenants are enforceable as a matter of law.

Successfully defended two key employees against allegations by a former employer of unfair competition, misappropriation of trade secrets, and tortious interference.

Successfully defended a Georgia financial corporation against claims for injunctive relief based on allegations that included claims of tortious interference with contract. BSE continues to represent the company in what is “bet the company” litigation against its primary competitor in a case that also involves significant antitrust claims.

Successfully defended a local corporation from discrimination claims involving allegations about the employment of undocumented aliens.

Conducted a full-scale audit of the overtime policies and practices for a large international company in the systems-engineering business.

Successfully defended, and ultimately settled on favorable terms, a former high-level executive in the package industry from multi-million dollar claims regarding the alleged violation of restrictive covenants.